26 June 2014

New editions!

Jeff Bradshaw has released updated editions of three of his books:
  • In God's Image and Likeness 1 (2014 edition)
    The 2014 edition contains corrections and updates throughout. The black and white figures in the pdf version have been replaced by color. The four-volume 8x10 inch softcover edition has been replaced by a two-volume full-size 8 1/2 x 11 softcover edition.
  • Temple Themes in the Book of Moses (2014 edition)
    The 2014 edition has been expanded from 198 to 220 pages, with corrections and updates throughout and the addition of two appendices: 1) Paul on Women's Veiling of the Face in Prayer, and 2) Covenants vs. Contracts.
  • Temple Themes in the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood (2014 edition)
    The 2014 edition has been expanded from 380 to 423 pages, with corrections and updates throughout. The appendix "Questions about Genesis and the Book of Moses" has additional material relating to questions about the documentary hypothesis, the historicity of the Old Testament, whether or not the Book of Moses can be appropriately characterized as "inspired pseudepigrapha," and whether or not it can be safely concluded that Moses chapters 1, 6, and 7 have no basis in antiquity.
Those that purchased the PDFs of previous editions are eligible to download the updated PDF(s); just download using the link you received at the time of the original purchase, or contact Jeff directly if you can't find it or have any troubles downloading. Clarification: For those wondering, both the print editions and PDFs of the above books have been updated.


  1. Jeff, thanks for the update. Temple Themes in the Book of Moses is next on my reading list.

    I'm old school, and have enjoyed your printed books. Will these new versions become available in print, particularly TTITBOM?

  2. Previous book editions are becoming obsolete faster than smart phone models! :)

  3. Where can I buy the new editions? I looked on Amazon and they only have listed the old editions. I can't find anything on the Eborn Books web site either. Do you have the specific ISBNs where I might be able to search the entire web through Google?