19 August 2014

Temas del templo en el juramento y el convenio del sacerdocio

We're excited to announce that the Spanish edition of Temple Themes in the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, titled Temas del templo en el juramento y el convenio del sacerdocio, is ready for publication!

Daniel Plata, a member of the Church from Buenos Aires, Argentina, kindly volunteered to do a Spanish translation of the book, and did a masterful job – correcting some errors in the English edition and even updating the citations to refer to Spanish equivalents of English publications when available. He stated his hope that: "With the blessing of Heaven this book will be a great inspiration for all Spanish readers." Eduardo Aragon and Ronald Ross assisted with reviews of some parts of the translation.

Daniel Plata

16 August 2014

Reminder: BYU Education Week is THIS week!

Don't forget to register for Education Week! Jeff will be giving an afternoon class from Tuesday through Friday:

"The Creation, the Fall, and the Lives of Adam and Eve"
Date: 19-22 August 2014, 12:30 PM-1:25 PM
Place: 206 Martin Building (MARB) (map)
Advance Registration Required
  • Tuesday: The Vision of Moses as a Heavenly Ascent
  • Wednesday: Creation and Eden as Models of Temple Architecture
  • Thursday: The Fall: God's Wisdom Prevails Over Satan's Deception
  • Friday: Adam, Eve, and the New and Everlasting Covenant
  • Feel free to contact Jeff if you have any questions/insights as to the material that will be (or, after you attend, has) been covered!