01 March 2014

In God's Image and Likeness 2 Now Available!

The first edition of Jeff Bradshaw and David Larsen's book, In God's Image and Likeness 2: Enoch, Noah, and the Tower of Babel, is now available! The beautiful hardcover book wraps up the final chapters and stories of the Book of Moses and continues through the end of Genesis 11. Read more about the book here, or head straight over to the excerpts page to see a chapter on the Tower of Babel and more.

Visit either of the following stores to order your copy now: A digital version of the book in PDF, for use on computers and tablets, is also available for those that have purchased the hardcover book. It is formatted identically to the paper version of the book and includes bookmarks and live hyperlink cross-references throughout. The PDF can be purchased here using PayPal (please include the date and purchase of your hardcover book in the Special Instructions section).

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