06 November 2013

Symposium on Science and Mormonism

For those who registered for this weekend's symposium, don't forget to come hear Jeff's presentation, "Science and Genesis: A Personal View". For those that weren't able to register, the symposium will be streamed live here.

A summary of the symposium is as follows:
Science and Mormonism have nearly always been on very friendly terms, with Church members sharing the deep conviction that, as expressed by former scientist and apostle Elder James E. Talmage, "within the gospel of Jesus Christ there is room and place for every truth thus far learned by man, or yet to be made known." Subsequent Presidents and General Authorities of the Church have advanced similar views about the ultimate compatibility of religious and scientific truths and, with notably few exceptions, have maintained markedly positive attitudes toward both the methods and conclusions of mainstream science and the advance of modern technology.

This symposium will feature the personal perspectives of prominent LDS scientists addressing the theme of "Cosmos, Earth, and Man." Through presentations, panels, and interactive discussions, attendees will hear concise and colorful summaries of the state-of-the-art in scientific research relating to these topics and will gain a deeper appreciation of the unique contributions of LDS doctrine to the ongoing conversation.
The full program of the day can be seen here, and, as always, the presentations will be available online afterwards on the official Interpreter site.

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