02 August 2010

PDF and Softcover Editions of "In God's Image and Likeness"

Update: The PDF and softcover copies are currently available. More information is available at www.imageandlikeness.net.

The first (hardcover) printing of "In God's Image and Likeness" is now sold out, though a few can still be found online for a higher-than-retail price. A second (softcover) printing, with many corrections, is currently being shipped to Eborn Books and should start to be available in stores and online (e.g., Eborn Bookstores, FAIR LDS Bookstore, BYU Bookstore, Amazon) by the first week in August. A digital version of the book in PDF for computers and tablets is currently available from the FAIR Bookstore, the BYU Bookstore, and on the official site as well. The PDF version is formatted identically to the paper version of the book and will include bookmarks and live hyperlink cross-references throughout. An ePub version is not practical for this book, given the complexity of the formatting.

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